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Lasting Power of Attorney

The lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legal document that authorises your donee / donees to act in the event of your mental incapacity. The main functions of an LPA are described below. 

Appointment of Key Persons

You will need to appoint the people you wish to have authority over you and your affairs when you are mentally incapacitated.


These persons are known as your donees. You may appoint one sole donee or two donees to act concurrently. You may also appoint up to one backup donee.

Personal Welfare

Personal welfare refers to the aspects of your life relating to your day-to-day activities, diet and interactions

  • Your personal welfare donee can decide who has access to you

  • You may extend the personal welfare donee's authority to include medical treatment decisions

Property and Affairs

Property and affairs refers to the legal and financial decisions and issues relating to your assets

  • Obtaining confidential information about your bank accounts and other financial instruments


  • Using your money to pay for expenses related to you and your immediate family members

  • Facilitating matters such as insurance claims, investment decisions and decision over your property


You can impose restrictions / limitations on the power of the donee


  • Over the use of your money


  • On the sale or other matters involving the title to your property


  • Relating to your medical treatment decisions

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